Vol 21 No 2 (2021): June 2021

Published: 2021-06-01

Publisher: Masyarakat Iktiologi Indonesia (Indonesian Ichthyological Society)

Aims and Scope: Aims Jurnal Iktiologi Indonesia (Indonesian Journal of Ichthyology) aims to publish original research results on fishes (pisces) in fresh, brackish, and sea waters including biology, physiology, and ecology, and their application in the fields of fishing, aquaculture, fisheries management, and conservation. Scope This journal publishes high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of Aquaculture, Fish biodiversity, Fisheries management, Fish diseases, Fishery biotechnology, Molecular genetics, Fish health management, Fish biodiversity.

Editorial Office: Gedung Widyasatwaloka, Bidang Zoologi, Pusat Penelitian Biologi-LIPI Jl. Raya Jakarta-Bogor Km 46, Cibinong 16911

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Community structure and niche breadth of some fish in Pangelang Protected Lake, Kapuas Hulu District

   Sri Endah Purnamaningtyas, Dimas Angga Hedianto, Nurfiarini Nurfiarini
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i2.538 Downloads and views: abstract 46    pdf 33

Growth performance of bonylip barb Osteochilus vittatus (Valenciennes, 1842) fed on combination of Lemna (Lemna perpussila Torr) and commercial diet

   Djamhuriyah S Said, Novi Mayasari, Dwi Febrianti, Tjandra Chrismadha
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i2.576 Downloads and views: abstract 38    pdf 22