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Meria Tirsa Gundo
M. F. Rahardjo
D. T.F. Lumban Batu
Wartono Hadie


This study aims to assess the length-weight relationship and condition factor of eggcarrying buntinge (A. oophorus) in Danau Poso, Sulawesi Tengah. Fish collection carried out monthly, from August 2012 to July 2013 at four observation stations. A total of 735 individual fishes were caught consisted 566 females and 169 males, using traditional light fishing gear. The fish samples male and female ranged from 41 to 86 mm in length and ranged from 0.46 to 6.14 g in weight.The length-weight relationship of male and female fish are W = 6 x 10-6 L3,074and W = 8 x 10-6 L3,011 respectively. Both of male and female fish growth patterns are isometric. The condition factor for male and female fish are 1,35±0,06 and 1,43±0,05 respectively. AbstrakPenelitian ini bertujuan mengkaji hubungan panjang-bobot dan faktor kondisi ikan rono (A. oophorus) di Danau Poso. Pengambilan contoh ikan dilakukan pada bulan Agustus 2012 sampai Juli 2013 di empat stasiun pengamatan. Penang-kapan dilakukan pada malam hari dengan menggunakan bagan perahu tradisional. Diperoleh ikan contoh sebanyak 735 ekor, terdiri atas 566 ekor betina dan 169 ekor jantan. Panjang ikan jantan maupun betina berkisar antara 41-86 mm dan bobot berkisar antara 0,46-6,14 g. Persamaan hubungan panjang bobot ikan jantan sebagai dan betina sebagai W = 6 x 10"6L3,074dan W = 8x 10"6L3,011. Pola pertumbuhan ikan rono jantan maupun betina bersifat isometrik. Nilai rata-rata faktor kondisi ikan jantan dan betina berturut-turut 1,35±0,06 dan 1,43±0,05.

condition factor , length-weight relationship , eggcarrying buntinge

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