Vol 20 No 3 (2020): October 2020

Published: 2020-10-01

Publisher: Masyarakat Iktiologi Indonesia (Indonesian Ichthyological Society)

Aims and Scope: Aims Jurnal Iktiologi Indonesia (Indonesian Journal of Ichthyology) aims to publish original research results on fishes (pisces) in fresh, brackish, and sea waters including biology, physiology, and ecology, and their application in the fields of fishing, aquaculture, fisheries management, and conservation. Scope This journal publishes high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of Aquaculture, Fish biodiversity, Fisheries management, Fish diseases, Fishery biotechnology, Molecular genetics, Fish health management, Fish biodiversity.

Editorial Office: Gedung Widyasatwaloka, Bidang Zoologi, Pusat Penelitian Biologi-LIPI Jl. Raya Jakarta-Bogor Km 46, Cibinong 16911

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The honey solution effect as a natural cryoprotectant on sperm quality of botia, Chromobotia macracanthus Bleeker 1852

   Abinawanto Abinawanto, Siti Z Musthofa, Retno Lestari, Anom Bowolaksono
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v20i3.528 Downloads and views: abstract 139    pdf 122

Some reproductive biology aspects of bonylip barb (Osteochilus vittatus Valenciennes, 1842) in the waters of Benanga Reservoir, East Kalimantan

   Jusmaldi Jusmaldi, Nova Hariani, Medi Hendra, Nikmahtulhaniah Ayu Wulandari, Sarah Sarah
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v20i3.529 Downloads and views: abstract 192    pdf 127

Comparative osteology of Tor tambroides (Bleeker, 1854) and Tor tambra (Valenciennes 1842) vertebral column (ossa vertebrae)

   Ilham Zulfahmi, Yusrizal Akmal, Muhammad Radhi, Muslich Hidayat, Muliari Muliari
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v20i3.530 Downloads and views: abstract 110    pdf 414

Length-weight relationship and condition factor of an endemic Lagusia micracanthus Bleeker, 1860 in Rivers of the Maros Watershed

   Muhammad Nur, M. Fadjar Rahardjo, Charles P.H Simanjuntak, Djumanto Djumanto, Krismono Krismono
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v20i3.532 Downloads and views: abstract 170    pdf 117

The color quality of Sumatra barb Puntigrus tetrazona (Bleeker, 1855) in different light spectrum exposure

   Wijianto Wijianto, Kukuh Nirmala, Yuni Puji Hastuti, Eddy Supriyono
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v20i3.534 Downloads and views: abstract 117    pdf 340