Records of the rare deep-sea threetooth puffer fish, Triodon macropterus (Tetraodontiformes: Triodontidae) from Molucca and Sawu seas, Indonesia

Kunto Wibowo, Miftahul Huda, Rachmad Sholeh Wicaksono, Monica Bataona, Teguh Peristiwady


The Indo-West Pacific species of rare deep-sea threetooth puffer fish, Triodon macropterus Lesson 1931 was recorded on the basis of two voucher specimens from southern coasts of Lembeh Island, North Sulawesi, Molucca Sea and Solor Island, Sawu Sea and a photograph of fresh individual after captured from Sawu Sea. In Indonesia waters, the species has previously been known only from Banda Sea, thus the specimens and a photograph in this study represent the first records of T. macropterus from Molucca Sea and Sawu Sea.


distribution; identification; morphology

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