Jurnal Iktiologi Indonesia (Indonesian Journal of Ichthyology), is a scientific journal published by the  Indonesian Ichthyological Society. Initially, Jurnal Iktiologi Indonesia (JII) was published twice a year (biannual), namely June and December; but since 2014 JII has been published regularly three times a year (triannual), namely in February, June, and October.

The aims of this journal is to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of fishes (pisces) in fresh, brackish, and sea waters including biology, physiology, and ecology, and their application in the fields of fishing, aquaculture, fisheries management, and conservation. Articles can be in the form of research papers, topic summaries, brief reviews, or book reviews.

This journal with ISSN: 1693-0339 (printed)  2579-8634 (online) has been registered in the CrossRef system with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) prefix 10.32491. JII has been also indexed/registered in Science and Technology Index (SINTA), Google Scholar, GARUDA, and ISJD.

Vol 21 No 3 (2021): October 2021

Published: 2021-10-01

Publisher: Masyarakat Iktiologi Indonesia (Indonesian Ichthyological Society)

Aims and Scope: Aims Jurnal Iktiologi Indonesia (Indonesian Journal of Ichthyology) aims to publish original research results on fishes (pisces) in fresh, brackish, and sea waters including biology, physiology, and ecology, and their application in the fields of fishing, aquaculture, fisheries management, and conservation. Scope This journal publishes high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of Aquaculture, Fish biodiversity, Fisheries management, Fish diseases, Fishery biotechnology, Molecular genetics, Fish health management, Fish biodiversity.

Editorial Office: Gedung Widyasatwaloka, Bidang Zoologi, Pusat Penelitian Biologi-LIPI Jl. Raya Jakarta-Bogor Km 46, Cibinong 16911

 +62 021 8765056   http://iktiologi-indonesia.org    jurnal.iktiologi@gmail.com

Sizing and scarring of whale shark (Rhincodon typus Smith, 1828) in the Cenderawasih Bay National Park

   Yusup A Jentewo, Roni Bawole, Tresia S Tururaja, Mudjirahayu Mudjirahayu, Zeth Parinding, Hendrikus R Siga, Muhammad Dailami, Abdul Hamid A Toha
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i3.587 Downloads and views: abstract 197    pdf 68

Optimization of reproduction of ricefish endemic to Southeast Sulawesi Oryzias woworae Parenti & Hadiaty, 2010 through different sex ratios in spawning

   Mohamad Ayip Firmansyah, Mustahal Mustahal, Mas Bayu Syamsunarno, Muh Herjayanto
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i3.589 Downloads and views: abstract 269    pdf 79

Gonad development and blood plasma profile of female bada fish (Rasbora sp.) by giving a combination of the hormones estradiol and spirulina in the feed

   Ira Akhdiana, Muhammad Zairin Jr, Gadis Sri Haryani, Muhammad Agus Suprayudi
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i3.590 Downloads and views: abstract 108    pdf 55

Effect of fermented rice bran flour in artificial feed on survival rate and feed conversion ratio of tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758)

   Surianti Surianti, Hasrianti Hasrianti, Wahyudi Wahyudi, Muh Irwan
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i3.591 Downloads and views: abstract 80    pdf 47

Effectiveness of lactic acid bacteria to increase the body resistance of common carp, Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758 against Aeromonas hydrophila

   Rosidah Rosidah, Yuniar Mulyani, Fittrie Mellianawaty Pratiwy, Afifah Shabirah, Juli A Sinaga
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i3.593 Downloads and views: abstract 64    pdf 25

Population structure three species of Family Syngnathidae in Merowi River, Kecamatan Kembayan, Kabupaten Sanggau Kalimantan Barat

   Kasianus Krisye Firstantha, Tri Rima Setyawati, Riyandi Riyandi, Gema Wahyudewantoro
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i3.594 Downloads and views: abstract 98    pdf 43

Recruitment patterns of freshwater amphidromous fishes (Pisces: Gobiidae, Eleotridae) to the Cimaja estuary, Palabuhanratu Bay

   Charles P.H Simanjuntak, Faqih Baihaqi, Tri Prabowo, Shafira Bilqis A, Sulistiono Sulistiono, Ayu Ervinia
https://doi.org/10.32491/jii.v21i3.595 Downloads and views: abstract 226    pdf 75
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